This is a demonstration site used for training on the OHQ Cloud Maritime Administration Software platform.

Registration Services

Atlantis is a demonstration registry setup for the purposes of training and CPD on the OHQ Cloud software platform. Our list of non-existent fees is below*. If you are going to transact via the demo portal, please ensure you are using one of the test credit card numbers available from

Service Fees
Vessel Registration (excluding annual tonnage taxes) $5,000/yr
Certificate of Registry, Transcripts or Insurance Documents $450/each
Flag State Survey / Inspection $1000/day
Continuous Synopsis Record $175/each
Seafarer Endorsement $150/each
Physical documents posted globally (via DHL) $95/parcel
Application handling fee $50 flat fee

* If you are crazy enough to try using a real credit card to pay for any of the services above, please note we don't offer refunds smiley face
Always use the test card credentials available at

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