This is a demonstration site used for training on the OHQ Cloud Maritime Administration Software platform.

About Atlantis

Atlantis is a demonstration registry setup for the purposes of training and CPD on the OHQ Cloud software platform. We do not offer any registration services to asset owners or charterers.

We have been operating since 2010 and have zero assets registered under our non-existent flag, with a total deadweight of 0M. In terms of documentation issued, that mirrors the status of this ficticious fleet with a grand total of zero seafarer certificates issued.

Atlantis is recognised by customers as a demonstration platform, helping staff, agents and 3rd parties get a robust handle on how our Maritime Administration Software works.

Should you ever need to speak to someone from Atlantis, you can do so via Oceans HQ Ltd, located in the United Kingdom.


The Registration Process

Review List of Services

Use our self-service portal to explore and review the services on offer. The price for each service is clearly stated with all applicable taxes included.

Complete Application

Fill out and submit an online application for the registration service you require. All of our secure forms transmit data in an encrypted format.

Pay Invoice

When your application has been processed and approved in principle, you can make payment using a credit/debit card via our secure payment portal.

Hear about John's experience with Atlantis...

"I was pleasantly surprised how efficient the new registrations team at Atlantis Registry are. Amanda answered my queries within 5 minutes (on a Sunday) and helped me secure an unexpected discount. The website is very easy to use and I received automatic emails when the status of my application changed. Thank you for creating such an impressive service!"

Valeria Boltnevala

Director of BGX Tanker Services Pty Ltd

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